BackTrack v2.1.4.2

Windows Installer Package file (.MSI)

  1. BackTrack

    Ron Upton
    Various bug fixes and maintenance.
  2. BackTrack

    Ron Upton
    Cross-Connect Test Document Error Handling improvements.
  3. BackTrack

    Ron Upton
    This build includes the following improvements:
    • Termination notice generation for deficient non-potable site inspections
    • Generation of non-potable site pre inspection letters
    • Generation of non-potable site pre cross-connection test letters
    • Various bug fixes
  4. BackTrack

    Ron Upton
    Fixed a bug in the document template editor.
  5. BackTrack

    Ron Upton
    The latest version of BackTrack version dated January 3, 2022.
  6. BackTrack v2.1.3.7

    Ron Upton
    This update contains modifications to the notice generation routines, including the removal of password protection and advanced letterhead support.

    Various bug fixes included.
  7. BackTrack v2.1.3.6

    Ron Upton
    This version removes the Computer Name from the Access Control and includes Performs Installations to the Backflow Device Testers. Various bug fixes, especially in non-potable site letter generation. As always, backup your database before executing the required database script named "BackTrack v2.1.3.6 Database Modifications.sql". This script must be executed before running BackTrack v2.1.3.6.

    If you have any questions, please call or email me right away.

  8. v2.1.3.5

    Ron Upton
    This version contains 31 major re-writes of the inspection notification processes and letter generator routines. Affected are non-potable site inspections and cross-connection testing.

    All designated non-potable site contacts will now receive all non-potable site correspondence.

    Also re-written are the pre-inspection letter and pre-cross-connection test letter generation routines.
  9. BackTrack v2.1.3.3

    Ron Upton
    Fixed several non-potable site related bugs, including making the pre-cross-connection test letter print on the proper month, and the second/final letters/notices are now correct.